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Not all Black and White

The general average teen of today is a conformist. He is represented neither by the geeky kid at the back that answers all the math teachers questions nor by the jock with the blonde girlfriend. Let us name this average teen…say “Bill”. 

Bill is not the symbol of a leader….neither does he personify “the follower”. He is somewhere in between. He is the essence of mediocrity, he is not good at sports, art, literature, math or music. But he is not bad at the aforementioned either

Most likely….Bill will end up working in a small company or a small law firm…..doing menial jobs and earning an average salary.

He is neither happy nor sad with his “average” life….he will die doing nothing substantial or changing. Some will mourn. Others that just knew Bill will not shed a tear. Sadly Bill’s life is nothing more than a speck of sand on a Beach. 

There is nothing wrong with being a Bill in this world. There is no larger scheme of things…no fate……nothing that destiny has planned for you. When you pass… will pass and life will go on. You will merely represents the “grey” in this Black and white world.

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